Q) Do I have to be in shape to start?

A) No, Muay Thai kickboxing is adaptable to any fitness level and is a great way to get into or stay in shape.

Q) Are there a lot of injuries?

A) No, not with regular training. Once you begin to spar there is the possibility of injury as with any contact sport.

Q) Do you have a belt system?

A) No, Muay Thai kickboxing is more like “Western style boxing” in term of progression. We do not have a “belt” system to climb like most martial arts. Question any Muay Thai facility which states otherwise.

Q) Do I have to fight to be a member?

A) No, while it is an option that is available to pursue, many of our students attend classes for an intense, alternative workout program.

Q) What equipment do I need to start?

A) Little is needed for the free Introductory class.  However, if you decide to continue training regularly we recommend hand wraps, mouth guard, cup (men), sports bra (women), gloves and shorts to start.   

Q) How much does it cost?

A) Our rates are competitive within the market.  We recommend that you come in and try out TWO FREE CLASSES to make sure it is something you would like to do and that you enjoy our instruction.  During this time we will discuss rates as we have many different payment options available.