Jessica Martinez



Assistant Instructor

Jessica met Oscar outside of the gym almost a decade ago just before mixed martial arts became the mainstream sport it is today.  Her love for Muay Thai began from watching the other students and seeing directly the impact it had on their lives.  It wasn’t long after meeting Oscar that she decided to jump in to class and try it out.  She admits she was apprehensive at first being the only female in class (at the time) and completely un-athletic. She didn’t even work-out let alone participate in any sports or martial arts, but with a lot of patience on Oscar’s part quickly became addicted to the sport.    

Just a couple of months after starting to train she expresses she physically felt better, had more energy and saw changes in her body.  

“Those things were great, but what I never expected was the way it would affect my life outside of the gym.  What I gained was a different sense of self partly because I gained confidence in my ability to do anything I set my mind to and partly because it gave me an outlet to the stress in my life.  All of the relationships around me changed for the better; with my children, my friends, my family as well as my relationships at work.  I was surrounding myself with positive influences and doing something positive for myself and it transformed my life.”        

It wasn’t long before Jessica decided that she wanted to help grow the sport for women and began working with Oscar to learn how to instruct others.  Jessica began competiting in order to grow her knowledge of the sport a necessary component (she felt) to teaching it.  After a couple of years of mentoring Muay Thai of Colorado added a women’s program which Jessica teaches.                         

“My goal to help others see how Muay Thai can transform their lives as it did mine.  I want to help individuals set goals for themselves and assist them in making those goals a reality.  To have others see that they can do anything they set their mind to and that the possibilities are endless both inside as well as outside of the gym.”
Outside of the gym Jessica is a wife and mother of two, she works as a Commisisons Analyst for a National Internet Satellite Provider. She has a degree in Graphic Design and Health Sciences prior to moving into the corporate world she worked as a Medical Assistant. Her love of art doesn't stop with just Muay Thai as her hobbies include photography, jewelry making and drawing.