Oscar Martinez



Head Instructor

Oscar is undoubtedly a world class Muay Thai instructor with over 30 years of experience.  Starting at the age of 15 Oscar immediately fell in love with the sport and culture of Muay Thai.  This love for the sport is what makes him uniquely different.  His background started at Muay Thai Academy of America where he trained under the watchful eye of Kru Surapuk Jamjuntr the founder of MTA (the original Muay Thai School in the US).  There he had the privilege to work with some of Thailand’s finest including Kru Saekson Janjirra, Kru Coban “The Great” Lookchaomaesaithong, Kru Dej “Nokweed” Sri-Ampai and Kru Pngsan Ekyothin.  Each one of these trainers are Champion Thai Fighters and each with their own specialty.  With this Oscar was exposed to the best the sport has to offer.

Oscar is no stranger to fighting; with a record of 20-1-0 his experience came at a time when there were few regulations in the US for this style.  Often times he would be matched against opponents twice his size, frequently being put into situations where he would fight challenge matches at his local gym.

After leaving California and moving to Colorado he sought out Champion Martial Arts where he taught for a number of years before opening his own academy.  Here in Colorado he improved his boxing techniques with World Champion trainer Denny Nelson and was able to adapt what he was shown in boxing to Muay Thai creating his own style.  He went on to grasp a few local Championship Belts including the Lone Wolf Muay Thai Champion @ 170# and Professional Kickdown Welterweight Championship Belt.

Oscar is known to be the most technically sound trainer in the State of Colorado for Muay Thai.  Oscar has trained 3 UFC fighters, 1 K-1 Fighter among many local favorites including Duane “Bang” Ludwig, “Big” Mike Nickels, and rising stars Matt Simms and Cat Zingano.  He sought after by professional and amateur fighters as well as their coaches and has earned the respect from those involved in the sport.

Oscar is a certified Muay Thai Instructor through the Muay Thai Academy of America and is a licensed corner man for both professional and amateur fighters throughout the state of Colorado.  He is a four time Muay Thai Champion with a wealth of knowledge and a knack for passing that knowledge to his students.  He is the Founder and the heart of Muay Thai of Colorado.